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H. Adam Steinberg was an Artist/Scientist for the Department of Biochemistry on the UW-Madison Campus for nearly 20 years (1990-2009). During that time, and since, he has worked on many hundreds of research articles, reviews, grants, pitch decks, posters and scientific presentations.

Adam has been teaching Undergrads, Post docs, and faculty for 25 years now, on how to effectively communicate their science through research posters and research talks, and on how to visualize their data, giving numerous talks on these topics at many colleges and universities, medical schools and medical colleges, and pharmaceutical companies throughout the United States. He also spent considerable time mentoring and teaching students in both art and science at local K-12 schools. (List is not inclusive.)

artforscience has lectured at the following places:

USC - Keck Postdoctoral Association

UCLA - The society of Postdoctoral Scholars

American Heart Association Research Leaders Academy

UIC - University of Illinois at Chicago - College of Applied Health Sciences

Washington and Lee University - Fall Academy

Medical College of Wisconsin - Watch the 2016 symposium (includes: Visualize Data and Posters 

(Start at 13 min for one hour lecture, 30 minutes break, then the second one hour lecture)


BioForward Wisconsin

Annual American Society for Virology Meeting

C. elegans Developmental and Evolution Topic Meeting

Gordon Research Conference -  Visualization in Science & Education

University of Wisconsin - Madison:


McPherson Eye Research Institute

WARF Discovery Challenge seminar - Watch this 2016 talk on Posters

UW-Madison Postdoctoral Association - Watch this 2014 talk on Communicating Science

Delta Program - CIRTL

School of Medicine and Public Health


SAPS Student and PostDoc Seminars

Khorana/Bose Scholar Program


Kurt Squire

Department of Kinesiology

Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
Molecular and Environmental Toxicolgy Center

SciMed GRS

Biotechnology Training Program

Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) - Watch this 2014 talk on Effective Presentations

Baxter Institute - Watch this 2009 talk on Presentations




The Postdoc Way - Listen here

JoVE - See it here

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